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Hi there i have a Atlas ESR60 sitting here doing nothing as i have 2 and im really never that greedy its a very good meter from a fantastic company im looking for around £75 plus delivery its never been used long story and lack of communication between me and my partner lol

if you look on ebay they are over £90
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'In Circuit' is deceptive. On mine a low reading across an electrolytic in a circuit that also has a low value resistance across it will give a possible false 'Good' indication. That being said, a bad indication dictates further investigation.

Value and ESR are the two most important parameters. Electrolytic with bad ESR will usually also effect its value.
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thank you jts1957 for a short yet perfect answer.i'll try to find a good in circuit esr meter. Very Happy
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Electrolytic capacitors CAN pass 'value' only meter tests, but still have, for example, bad ESR, which value only meters do NOT test for. Wink
PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:27 pm    Post subject: FLUKE 12 MULTIMETER

I wish to buy a fluke 12 multimeter. Or another fluke with high capacitance(uf) range for a reasonable price. thanks
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