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I had the same problem.... no power and a click when the power btton was depressed. check the both fuses and Q404. Q404 was shorted from Collector to emmiter and from collecter to base. If you plan to do it yourself check between the collector and emmiter with a ohmmeter and if its shorted then scrap it. hope it helps... and dont forget to apply heat compound to the heat sink after you replace the transistor....
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Check C863 (4.7 [email protected]),also check Q404 (2SD1556) and resolder joints on horizontal driver transformer.
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Check the High Voltage Transistor and the Voltage IC it is most likely one of those. The Transistor is attached to a silver heat sink on the main board and the IC is most likely too. The Transistor is usually the problem as it allows the power and the IC relays it to the necessary components. Be careful with the Transistor and the IC. If you can solder replace the Transistor first (test it with Digital Multi-Meter first) then The IC. let me know if I can assist any further. I am a bench tech for over 18 years with everything from video games to gaming systems in Nevada. contact me at [email protected]

Good luck and be careful,
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 7:17 pm    Post subject: Toshiba CX32D60 no picture, click at power on

I have a Toshiba CX32D60. One day it stopped turning on. I tried using the remote and the button on the front. nothing happened. I took it to a shop that was supposed to be FREE estimates but they called me and said that it would cost $160 just to look at it with no guarantee on a working TV. I took it back and it's been in the garage for about two months.

I just searched for an online forum and came across this one. After reading some of the threads i then decided to see what would happen if i plugged it in again. I did so and when i hit the power button, it made a click sound and then the power led came on for a second, then went out. I then tried to push the power button again. Nothing happened, not even a click. I unplugged it from the wall, then tried it again, i got the same click and led flash.

I checked one of the fuses that i could see and it was ok. I did see another fuse but it was hard to get to and i didn't want to shock myself so i left it alone. I am posting some pix. I have no idea how to check these components. I have had a few electronics jobs, both thru hole and surface mount. On the other hand i don't know hoe to test any of these parts.

I have heard that there are some parts that can remain charged with power even after the TV is unplugged. What are these parts and how do i protect myself?

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