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Thanks. I've used that site before for parts.
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Same site shows two hoses for bleach.
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Thank you for your reply.
1) so you are saying the repair manual isn't online here?
2) Crap! I need special tools to get at that hose?
3) do I have to buy the manufacturer replacement part or can I install a hose of same type & dimensions from a home store?
4) just to be clear, it doesn't look like this site has any info regarding mechanical issues with household appliances such as a washing machine, right? All I see is electronics stuff - DVD, computer, etc.

I was hoping for a DYI job utilizing fairly common household tools. I am pretty handy when I have good instructions to follow. If I have to buy special tools & the repair manual for a hopefully one time job, it may make more sense to schedule a repair service call. I'm not just frugal, I'm on a small fixed income.
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1) Don't believe everything you read online;
2) These should disassemble it nicely:
PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:49 am    Post subject: new user can't figure out posting process

I couldn't locate a repair manual for sears top loading washer model 110.26952690 on this site after following link from Google search, so I registered so I could post the question in a forum. But now I can't figure out how to even do that! Btw, I am a college graduate not a complete idiot online. Please help! Your site said in the Google link you had the service manual to view online for free. I need to see how to dissemble my washer to replace a leaking hose to the bleach dispenser.

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