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PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:16 pm    Post subject: König CMP-UPS800 serial interface

This UPS, manufactured in about 2007, seems to be a rebranded chinese UPS. I don't know the original manufacturer or if it has been sold under other brands. Rated data are 800 VA / 480 W , it does not deliver a pure sine voltage but a stairstep voltage, the battery is a lead-acid 12 V 9 Ah.

Anyway, now i am trying to use its serial interface and have got confused. The UPS has a female DB9 connector which of course suggests it could be a RS-232 interface. However, the pinout does not resemble RS-232 at all and i cannot find any other proprietary UPS serial interface that is close to it.
The interface circuitry consists of two optocouplers. One of them, for transmitting data from the UPS, is connected with the phototransistor collector to pin 1 and emitter to pin 9 of the connector. There is an 1 kohm resistor in series with the collector.
The other optocoupler, for receiving data, has the anode of its LED to pin 6 and the cathode to pin 7. 10 kohms current limiting resistor in series.

Does anyone recognize this pinout and know which handshaking signals that are intended to use for powering the interface?

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