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Hello,you maybe can buy them on componentschip:
PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 3:51 am    Post subject: Vintage Component LED Light Bars Wanted: TLFR2110

Hello, I'm seeking some component LED light bars made in approximately 1983-1990 and sold as by Telefunken (or TFK, AEG-Telefunken, TEMIC, Vishay, possibly other related European brand). Part number TLFR2110 is a rectangular light bar with 2 chips, approximately 7 mm X 14 mm on the viewing face, and about 12 mm tall excluding leads. Emitted color is red and the epoxy encapsulation is very lightly tinted, possibly described as pink, with a thin white-ish optical diffusion layer at the front.

No "similar" substitutes such as by H-P, etc., are acceptable unless completely indistinguishable from the desired part.

I will buy quantities from 1-100 pieces at reasonable prices, new or used, and I will pay standard international shipping.

For photo, please see my ad on Ebay Classifieds (Germany).

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