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What is e-waste??? plzz tell me about e-waste. Rolling Eyes
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Interesting topic... E-Waste is a huge problem I agree.
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You may have heard about the recent increase in "e-waste." "E-waste" is what happens when millions of consumers across the globe buy electronics, only to throw them away after they become obsolete. Technology is advancing quicker than most other household appliances, like furniture or a washing machine for example, so a "slow" 3-year old computer might not be of "any use" and end up in the trash.

The Issue With E-Waste
The biggest reason this is an issue is that electronic devices are made from all kinds of nasty, non-eco-friendly chemicals and metals. At the very least, many internal circuits have been soldered with lead. Lead, as you know, is not anyone's friend besides large factories and specific hobbyists, and causes a myriad of ailments including cancer. Mercury, found in fluorescent (and CFL) light bulbs and old tilt switches, is also yet another nasty.

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