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The link still said not found. Don't put a fullstop after an URL!!! I did not see a link to pictures there, but I saw pbchange_com website on your details. Maybe you could post it there or maybe put it on a hidden page? Or I am sure there are many places that have free hosting out there.
The task bar is usually at the bottom (unless you have moved it) the address bar is where you want to copy it from.
Are you sure it is a capacitor? maybe it is an inductor, polyswitch or varistor? Where in the circuit is it connected? I am sure you asked AVX for a schematic and parts listing. Sometimes the numbers are an in-house code that does not describe anything about the part. Was it AVX who made the equipment and not just the capacitor? Are you telling us the whole story?
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Just kidding, it will be under the Electronics Parts section.
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To get to the other forum, go to the home page and on the left hand side, towards the bottom, there is a tab for 'Discussion Forum' If you click on it, it will take you to the forums. My post is under the computer and office repair section.
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Hmm.. wonder why the link didn't work? I copied it right from the taskbar? Maybe you have to type in and then get to the Forums from the home page? I did contact AVX and sent them my picture and everything and they said they can't do anything with just the picture...
Some other information I got for the part though is:
Capacitance, Resistance, and Inductance @ 0.1 kHz, 1.0 kHz, and 10 kHz. And the voltage, as measured by these smart tweezers I have.

0.1 kHz:
C = 0
R = 7.36 ohms
L = ~95uH

1.0 kHz:
C = 150nF
R = 7.26 ohms
L = 0

10 kHz:
C = 0
R = 7.38 ohms
L = 0

VOLTAGE = 24.65mV
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The links do not work, but have you tried to contact the manufacturer? They should have all of the specs on the equipment.
Replace it with something you think it is (20pF?) and see if it works. If hazard is a factor, replace it with the highest grade capacitor you can get.
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Alright, I don't know how to get the picture on here, but I was able to post it on another forum. It's called Electronics Zone, and the website is: If you go there and register, you will be able to view the picture. But you Have to register and log in otherwise you won't see it. Alrighty, thanks!! Smile
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May want to retry your link. Looks like a file residing on your computer only.
In order to post it on the forum, it must be uploaded to a storage site on the net
PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 10:27 pm    Post subject: Unknown Capacitor - have picture now!! Take a look!

I've attached a link to the picture below. I think the manufacturer is AVX, but I'm not completely sure. The symbol next to the 20 looks like it could be an A, a V and an X all combined together.


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