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Solved! Purchase a 288V232R161B2 from Mouser. The encoder will be different looking then the original one but the circuit board inside is almost identical (the spread on the posts is slightly wider but it works fine). Carefully pry up the metal tabs on the back of each encoder and swap the broken circuit board for the new one and re-assemble. Solder the encoder back in place and cut the excess off the back of the main circuit board. I just did it and it works great now!! Good luck.
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having ame problem will let u if i find anything. DOD is out of them I believe the manufacturer is motorola they have none. At this point canibalizing seems the only chance
PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 10:42 am    Post subject: CTS Encoder 288S0161

Thanks for the great info. I feel one step closer to finsing this part.
Also underneath the part number 288s0161 are the numbers 9612 ROC.
Idont know if this may give any further clues or not asto the replacement.
I was hoping the part would not be so proprietary. I'll keep my finger crossed and use this new info. Thanks! Chris
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Part in question is called an "Encoder" despite looking like a potentiometer, it is a completely different device. There are no current draws involved & strictly designed to work with digital circuits by means of pulses. You must have the exact one or it's specification or will not work. Unless someone has already tried a diff encoder which is unlikely. CTS has a series which start with 288xxx, but s0161 is not listed either it's obsolete or proprietary to DOD. is a distributor for CTS in USA. You may want to contact them, DOD or CTS for possible specs.
PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 7:24 am    Post subject: Help need Jog Wheel pot 288S0161 or equivalent

I am tring to get My Dod Guitar effects pedal working again and the Jog wheel Pot #288S0161 is snapped in two,(ouch). Well I am desperately searching for any short shaft Pot that will work as a jog wheel in this sort of an application. The function of this jog wheel is to select between preset sound effects.I dont belive there would be much current load at all. Any suggestions from You knowlegeabel folks would be greately appreaciated. Thanks a Million!

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