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I buy locally from Ness. Their's are the ELT series. Plain and simple ask them what the failure rate is. ELTSTK392-180 one out of 330, pretty darn good. As long as it's not the Chinese crap, your ok. I looked at their's and what scares me is no stamp in the right corner which signifies the batch they came from, unless it's blurred out. Rolling Eyes
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What about from Electronix on line are there any good? i always get my components from there.
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Twisted Evil
PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 2:55 am    Post subject: Reposting on convergence IC's

It seems that counterfeit convergence ICís are hitting the market again.
STK392-020 can be replaced w/STK392-040.
STK392-110 can be replaced w/STK392-150 or STK392-180.
All others use whatís in there. If youíre going to do it yourself, buy them from a reputable place. It may cost a little more per IC but not blowing up pico fuses and other things are worth the headache. The best replacement out there for the 392-150ís is still Hitachiís CZ0043. You can buy them or any ones from Tritronicís inc.

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