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have you tried using a mobility scooter battery ftom ?
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Thank you for answering my concerns about high voltage.
A slip knot can hold the fail-safe bar together, with the end of the line tied to the steering bar on the scooter, and enough slack allowed for turning and so on. The way the scooter and mower are going to be attached with a strong tow bar and heavy pivot bolts, the mower won't 'break loose'. But there is the need to be able to shut it off suddenly if it falls off the edge of a curb or runs over a garden hose or something. One quick pull on the slip knot, and the mower handle will flip open and kill the motor. The mower will be run either in mulch mode, or to discharge to the bag, but not the side opening. Thanks again.
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I can't imagine that you would have any trouble (other than the danger of towing a running mower behind a scooter).

The high voltage is confined to the magneto, ignition wire, and spark plug. If the mower frame got energized with high voltage an operator would not be able to control the mower without wearing thick insulated lineman's rubber gloves.

But your basic scheme worries me. I presume you will have a switch arrangement that will kill the engine if the mower breaks loose from the scooter, correct?

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I have a 4-wheeled electric mobility scooter model HS-890, which runs on two 12-volt gel cell batteries and has what appears to be computerized electronic controls.
I just got a gas powered rotary push lawn mower, Lawn-Boy model 10683.
I intend to tow the mower behind the scooter using a home-made tow hitch to mow the lawn.
My question is that the mower uses high-voltage to fire the spark plug, and I wonder do I need to isolate the mower and scooter from each other electronically, to prevent some kind of transfer of the mower's spark plug high voltage from damaging the scooter's sensitive electronic controls?
That is, should I use a non-conducting segment in the tow hitch arms?
I was thinking of using metal for the scooter back bumper attachment, and metal for the mower front wheel axle attach points, and then perhaps wood sections between the two.
Do you think this is necessary to be concerned about?
Thank you.

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