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Just unsolder the caps and replace them, looking to keep in mind they are polarity sensitive. That means one side has a stripe for negative and the other side is the + side.
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I can't afford for a service person to come out Crying or Very sad wish I could. I have been researching alot on the internet and trying to learn as much as possible. A couple questions and then I think (hope) I am ready.... I have located the parts to purchase at Radio Shack (hopefully they have exactly what I need think they do though) I have taken the back off (dusty!!!) and cleaned up the board and everything around it. Having read several articles on the internet they all talk about the CRT some say discharge it others say not to worry? If I am working oh the chassis do I discharge the CRT... then some indicate discharging the capacitors? How do you to that or are you able to just remove the soldering and pull the capacitor, pop the new one in and resolder it?
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Rolling Eyes
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What minnie suggested is correct & very common with those sets , however,

C305, C416, and C863 are NOT the actuall part numbers to purchase on the internet.
They are reference numbers to capacitors on the main board. this point, Suggest getting a qualified repair person.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 2:46 am    Post subject: Where and How do I find these?

I have checked the internet for replacement parts you listed but can't seem to find them. I am begining to think I am looking wrong. Do I check for C305 or something else? I guess I need a little more info. Thanks so much!
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Replace C305, C416, and C863.
PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 11:00 am    Post subject: Toshiba CX32D60 football shaped heads and short legs

My Toshiba model CX32D60, Chassis#TAC 9449, mfg Feb 95, SN 75573068 stated out about 2 years ago with a black strip acrossed the bottom of the screen. It started with about an inch line and has sinced increased to consume about 1/2 the screen and now I have retired it.

The kids used it all this time in the playroom as a game tv, vcr, dvd monitor but the heads of everyone were shaped like footballs and the had short squashed legs also at the base of the black line any writing would be so condensed you could not read it. Does this sound like something repairable. I like many others here have no real clue where to locate these parts or boards but I do follow instructions very well when explained in detail. Confused much detail Smile I have looked for a tech manual for this tv with no luck so I am hoping this is something someone out here can help me with. Thanks so much!

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