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PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 9:50 pm    Post subject: OPTIMUS ST AV-3260 RECEIVER ON - OFF PROBLEM

I GET SAME PROBLEM WITH ONE DISCARD FORM OTHER TECHNICIAN/ MINE HAVE ALSO OK THE RELAY/ ETC/ MINE SOLUTION WAS TO RESOLDER ALL THE PRE-DRIVER AREA; THE SOLDER USED WAS ALL OXIDATED AND NEW ONE SOLVED THAT PROBLEM. NOW IT GETS ON . STILL HAVE SOME PROBLEM ON ONE CHANNEL OUT OF THE PA BOARD. LOOKS LIKE BAD SIGNAL CAPACITORS OR THE FEEDBECK GROUND FILTER CAPACITORS. AS THE AGE AND SO CHEAP THE CAPS I WILL GO SAVE AND CHANGE ALL THE CAPS AT THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE HEATSINK AREA AND THE SWITCH BOARD THAT IS AT FRONT OF THE BIG STK CHIP. MINE AFTER THE RESOLDER WORKS OK AT THE PA BOARD WHEN UNPLUG THE INPUTS AND GET OUTSIDE INPUTS. SAME NOISE IS AT THE TAPE MONITORS AND LOW SIGNAL OUTPUTS. SO I WILL GUES IS THE SWITCH BOARD CAPS. ALSO A VERY LOW ULTRASONIC HARMONICS AT THE RIGHT CHANNEL. CAN EMAIL ME AT / [email protected] / ot at the // [email protected] / still mine is under repairs and i am doing at upgrade replacemts on the outputs with the 2sc5200/ 2sa1943 that are 150 w devices / originals are 100w devices / i have all these transistors spec sheet so if maybe needed / better replacements are mj21193/ mj21194 that are 200W devices /have dasheeet also/ motorola transistors are now ON SEMICONDUCTORS/ I buy these on large for PRO-AMPS that used them. the 0.33 ohms 5W resistors can be changed to 0.22 ohms if you like to push the reveicer / have outputs caps also to istiff the power supply /beware of counterfeit TOSHIBA outputs transistors . The 2sc5200/2sa1943 are sold at less than 1.40 us dollars on 100 quantities ./the mj21193/mj21194 are at 2.30 us or a bit lower. caps can be salvaged from low age discarted TV also if on a rush or low budget./ THE RECEIVER IS CAPABLE AT AROUND OF MORE THAN 100W PRE CHANNEL AT 8 OHMS WITH ANY OF THESE TRANSISTORS CHANGES WHEN NOT USING THE REAR AND CENTER CHANNEL OR WHEN REMOVE THE RAILS VOLTAGE PLUG THAT GO TO THE BIG STK/
PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 2:29 pm    Post subject: Optimus STAV 3260 Receiver: Power relay clicks on & off

Question When I plug the power cord into the supply socket, the relay nearest the internal fuses clicks on and off every second or so, and a couple of LED's flash in unison. Pushing the Power button makes no difference. All fuses check out OK. I suspected that the relay contacts were perhaps dirty and removed the top, then held the contacts in the closed position. This time the display panel flashes on and off at the same rate of once per second, so it is obvious that something else is causing the on / off effect.

Can anyone suggest what may be the problem here? I would appreciate any help.


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