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Hi all,
would you tell me which website is better for buying a mp3 player.
Question what is the reasonable price?
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Bobo......Another Chink shill
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I bought this on a whim (~$30) as I wanted something to record voice memos while working out or hiking. It is actually quite capable mp3 player with FM radio, music, and voice recorder (and FM recording). Thickness is about 15mm and it feels pretty heavy. Doesn't look have bad. I chose to get a steel model with the idea that I might want to be wear this around town sometime, but don't think this will ever happen so wish I had gotten a lighter plastic case model for sports (again, onvon offers many models which you can find branded by American companies for about 4X chinavasion price).
I find the idea of an MP3 watch really interesting. Another chinese company has a better design for sports: for just $25--it has an LCD behind the watch hands that gives you track info. Chinavasion also offers a stereo bluetooth watch.
I plan to keep tabs on this technology and if someone comes out with a stereo bluetooth model, with LCD readout and chronograph and voice recorder and built-in speaker, I think that'd be the ideal incarnation of an mp3 watch, and I think a better setup for music while working out compared with the timex icontrol set-up.
PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 4:52 am    Post subject: HOT MP3 Players

Check out Uber MP3 Players. It's got great reviews and specs on MP3 players. That site is the reason i bought an IPod. I never considered buying an MP3 player until my friend refered me to this site.

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