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In fact i have more interesting in 'spare parts suppliers' for different lcd manufacturers...
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LCD repair. Lets see, you have the panel, you have the inverters, you have a power supply, you have an audio/video board, you have a t-conn board, and you have a digital main board. "Sound no picture." Do you have 24vdc to the inverters? No. Power supply. Yes. Inverters. "No input on component video." A/v board. Wavy video, digital board. Knowing what the boards do is the key. That's why they have service manuals. Take Paul up on the offer, get a training manual and just do it.
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I've got several files on LCD & Plasma TV training on my site at:
What brands were you looking for? I've got several files not yet listed on the site.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:07 am    Post subject: LCD TV repair training?

At left side of this forum i saw ad of 'LCD Television repair'
click on that link to see what is that
there is some guy Kent who offer membership of LCD television repair for $800

Is anyone try this and if is, what can say about that?

Similar on other site ther is guy Jestine Yong who offers an ebook for LCD monitor repairing for $47,77
Have anyone this and what can say about this ebook?

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