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Hi dear
I think it's very important to share your CV and resume when you're asking for a relative job to your education or experience. I am new to this forum, like lots of human resource managers of companies who looking for a suitable person for their position.
You can use online websites to create your resume.
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many thanks
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Writing good curriculum vitae is the entry point for an interview. It is through an inspiring CV that people convince latent employers that they are the right fit for the company or to the advertised post. Many people write general resumes that do not show up their skills. Creating an imposing CV is not a hard task. But one needs to be well aware of one’s strengths to be able to do that. CV must be written so well that employers should come to know about the candidates’ merits and strengths and they should feel like hiring them. Let us take a look at the best five tips of making a best CV for an interview.
Begin with name and contact details: Your name and contact details should be available in the beginning of the CV. It should contain your postal address in full along with the PIN code, email address and phone number which should preferably be your mobile phone number. If a company wants to talk with you about vacancies or any such info these details are needed. If this info is hidden somewhere inside the CV your chances of getting a call letter for interview are very few. It will also put the employers off.
Write an appealing career summary: This section is a vital part of any CV since this is what draws a latent employer’s attention towards a candidate. Everything else written in a CV should be kind of the career details. Check if there is anything in a CV which does not support career details. The applicant should give it a second thought as in whether to include it in the CV or not. This section in the CV should include your skills, outlook, knowledge and practice. It can be written in a paragraph of 30 to 40 words or in points. The method is left to the applicants’ discretion. But this most vital part of the CV should be written well. Whatever a candidate wants to sell to the future employer should figure in this section. But it should not upset the employers.
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This is Lucy smith , new to this forum, camcorder batteries specialist and need a job in the same field

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