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what i am trying to do is add in a couple of internal usb ports however I don't want to have to use the read usb ports to do it so since the chipset supports like 6 ports i figured i would simple wire into the chipset unless there are traces on the motherboard for it.
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If this manual is available, which it may be on the Dell website, it won't include the motherboard schematics. Most laptops and for that matter desktops too do NOT include the schematics for motherboards. It's very rare to find one that does. I've got over 700 desktop and laptop service manuals and none of them have motherboard schematics. The most they have are block diagrams.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 3:33 am    Post subject: Dell inspiron 1100 diagrams


I am in need of the motherboard schematic for a dell inspiron 1100 or 5100

hope this hasn't be brought up before i did search first.

Thanks yonu,

P.S. love the site

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