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The microwave work sometimes in the 'Hi' position and not in the 10 to 90 position.In the position 10 to 90 switch te waverelais on and off three or four times on 60 sec, but the wave power worked not good,the relais was OK, but the transistor worked not good,replace and everything back OK.
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Does the relay energize when "Start" is pressed?

Be careful - high voltage & currents may be present!

The most common things that can cause "No Heat" in microwave ovens:

Bad solder joints (especially at relays pins, plug in connector pins, etc.) on the control board;
Burnt/corroded/loose plug in connections anywhere in the oven;
Defective Door / Safety Interlock switches.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:30 pm    Post subject: DAEWOO KOC995T

Warms no longer , all the rest works yet, replace transistor relaisdrive wave. Idea

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