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I think it is great to offer free Manuals aslong as you can download them as prommised without buying something, The site did provide what was prommised just like the one we are on right now.
At the top of this page there are ads as well. But just not as large as the one on Servicing-Manuals has.
This is what the Internet was designed for. Sharing information free and freely with no cost involved to "SHARE"
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Advertisements are their for a reason it pays for the site and to help us buy more manuals to add them for free so others can download them for their own use or to add to their site, hopefully sites that are also free like this one but i know manual sellers are downloading to sell.

As for trying to post links directly to the manuals just like hotwaterwizard has tried to do well it won’t work we have hotlink protection in place.

As for spam how many spam sites send visitors back to the site they are supposed to be spamming Confused i have a link on the main site and also in the forums.
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OOPS advertising
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Not Spam. Downloaded Fine after skipping the Advertizement.
PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 1:50 pm    Post subject: that u paul?

Ever notice how many posts in this site end with one reply by a salesman? ...and how the "complaints of spam" come from a guest? Now thats spam!

Ive been to manual directory and they have good free stuff there as does this site.
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Yes they did read from the top also januszsurowka quoted "Hey,
I just bought this amp to find that capacitor C231 exploded, I was wondering if anyone has the service manual for it and is willing to share it" it is also in the service manuals and datasheet section.
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No one asked for the manual
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If anyone needs the service manual for this it can be download free of charge
PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 11:14 pm    Post subject: Re: New Kenwood KAC-7201

Jordan_Taylor wrote:
I'm replacing a resistor that is brown, orange, orange, and gold which makes 13000 Ohms when trying to find part i can only find .13 ohms. HELP

Check the multiplier. I bet you that it's .13KOhms. and everything is ok.
PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 11:12 pm    Post subject: Re: Kenwood KAC-7201

Xaser wrote:
I just bought this amp to find that capacitor C231 exploded, I was wondering if anyone has the service manual for it and is willing to share it

Thank you

C231. I Just opened my amp up and I don't know what the hell is wrong with it. One day it was playing and I has these REALLY NICE Kenwood 4 way Xcelon 6"x9" that handled 200 watts RMS, and this AMP pushed them beautifully, the sound was phenominal. One day. They popped. My amps 2 30AMP fuses were blown and the speakers were SHOT. they wouldn't spring back and forth. They were just frozen, I mean I paid alot for these speakers, now. I thought it was just the fuses were blown, so I replaced them, Immediately, they blew. I realized that each fuse is for each channel. eg. left fuse=left channel, etc. because I dismantled my nice connection (wires, etc.) and analyzed it more, and when I had only the left speaker hooked up to +/-, it blew the left fuse. So I thought maybe the speakers (THESE MIGHTY BASICALLY INDESTRUCTABLE) were stuck in one position and they were shorting, so my fuse would blow since the other fuse didn't blow. NOTHING. I connected it to just the power, the fan would go, the blue light came on for about 1/10 of a sec. fan was on, I crossed the B+ and the p. cont. together and ran it to the pos. of the battery from under the hood, and a nice thick GND cable connected it, and like I said 1/10 sec blue light, fan on, and the wires got SO HOT SO QUICKLY. SOMETHING is crossed. shorted, bad. I have it in front of me C231 is a 100v 2.2 microFarad cap. the Neg. side is facing right, the right meaning that the RCA phono jacks are on the right and the Power shit is on the left. Maybe you can help me with my Amp. I have the same exact one. My name is Janusz and my email is [email protected]
Goddamn electronics for 4 yrs. plus other times before the school where there where years as a pre-teen and teen where I built my own electronics and learned Ohm's Law, and I cannot figure this out.

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