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Well the repairman showed up to check it. He took the back cover off and looked inside and told me the parts would be $200 and the labor $150 to repair. He did not troubleshoot anything, he only looked inside with his eyes. This tells me that I have HV and he suspects the parts are minor right? I paid him $75 for the estimate so it will cost another $350 to repair. I told him that I would get back to him. I was expecting him to diagnose the problem for the $75 fee but he only came out and gave me an estimate for the repairs needed without telling me what failed. Crying or Very sad

Also, that price includes him taking my tv back to his shop to fix. He said he can't work on his hands and knees. I guess he will have to follow the flow chart at the shop. It sounds like he is charging too much for parts without knowing what failed. But on the flipside, he needs to give me an estimate in order to take the tv back to the shop. Thanks!
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If you are not interested in the exact value of the HV but you just want to know if the voltage is there or not, the simplest way is to look carefully at dust and dirt that has accumulated around the HV circuitry and see if you can notice any movement of small particles when switching the set on and off.

The familiar method of sweeping the back of the hand over the screen is of course difficult with rear projection sets.
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Since I don't have a HV probe to attach to my meter, I called a tv repairman. He is going to charge me $75 to tell me the problem. I'm hoping after his diagnostic, I can install the part myself with the help of you folks. Thanks
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It's called a high voltage probe. They decrease usually by 1000 volt incriments. So if it reads 47.7 it's 47,700 volts.
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Most meters will measure up to around 2,000 volts as is. With the proper adaptor(s), the sky's the limit. Wink
PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:40 pm    Post subject: Measuring High Voltage?

Can I test voltage with a regular multi meter?

My sony rear projection tv has audio but NO VIDEO!

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