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If the back lights are working the screen should be all pure white... you shouldn't have to go peeping round the back to see the light.... you omitted to tell us what the front of the screen is like, white or dark or in between

If the screen isn't white try getting a flashlight torch and shining it on the screen with the set on, you may have to try shining it at an acute angle, if you look close you 'may' be lucky to see a feint outline of whatever should be displayed, it will be feint.... if you can then it's probably the inverter or the back lights themselves.

Sometimes inverters can go like the 'flick of a switch' but back lights usually give a clue, you may get a flicker, become dim or the whites may become discoloured this is a sure sign the CCFLs have had their day, the inverter can go the same way as well.

Looking through the back the light should be almost blindingly bright... you may well see the light put is it bright enough to penetrate to the screen.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:29 pm    Post subject: Viewsonic

Have Viewsonic N4060w sound is good no light on screen backlight seems to be working. Ican see light thru small holes in back. Where to look? Thanks for any input

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