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PostPosted: Sun Oct 25, 2009 4:02 pm    Post subject: HP w22 Monitor display disappears after about 2 seconds.

Make/ Model: HP w22
Regulatory Model: HSTND-2241-T
Product Number: RG556AA
SN: CNT704Z17Q
Date of Manufacture: January 2007
Assembly Number: 434000-001
Rev: CTM003

Problem: when I turn the monitor on I can see a display for about 2 seconds. The display disappears. If I turn the monitor off, then on, I can see the display for about two seconds, then it disappears again. The cycle continues. The symptom is the same with no signal input, and with input selected for VGA or for DVI.
If I shine a flashlight into the screen I can see a very faint display. I believe this indicates a backlight issue. I could be wrong.

Can anyone help me find a service/repair manual for this monitor?
Can anyone tell me what parts to look at for the backlight power?
Can anyone tell me what the voltage that drives the backlight might be?

Thank you all in advance, for your assistance.


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