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heya I got a toshiba satelite a70-s256 and have a PW on my profiles should need to know whether theirs any technique to discard the PW potentially by pulling the profiles back up bater yet I looked control and didnt see a back up batery so revealed to me what I can do to discard PW.
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More information?
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Before the startup process, my show screen separates into two then enclosed in straight and horizontally spots and finally profits to bootstrap to finish. After long utilization like 1hr the show screen at times starts to tremble uncontrollably.
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Thanks for the website, very informative!

By the way, could you give me some help on fixing older Toshibas? I have a Portegé 3480ct and a 3490ct, both in need of repairs. Having their schematics, service or repair manuals would be a GREAT help!

Thanks a lot,

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Hello! im Gary Valdez and I love this website, i have read a lots of comments and thread which is very useful peace of information, this adds my knowledge and it somehow build a little confident just to interact with the other members.
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CJ2600 wrote:
How to disassemble a laptop. Guide with pictures.

I just started a new website. This site will help you to disassemble a laptop. If you want to replace the system board, hard drive, LCD, FL inverter, video card, touchpad, cd-rom, this site is for you. I already created teardown guides for the following units:
Toshiba Satellite 1414
Toshiba Satellite M35X
Toshiba Satellite A60/A65
Toshiba Satellite A70/A75

I hope my guides will help you to fix your laptop.
I will continue creating new guides (not only for Toshibas)
You can find it here:

Could you reupload this?
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Here is collected disassembly manuals for many notebooks
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Disassembling Toshiba Tecra TE2100.
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Thanks all....the guides provided by you all worked nice for me and i just successfully disassembled my laptop. I have just successfully replaced my damaged LCD and for that thanks to you all.

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