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PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:33 am    Post subject: STR S6307 be replaced by STR S6709 ?

are these interchangeable?

A diode test of 1.1 volts btw pin 1 and 2 => FAIL ?? right ?

I have on hand also a S6707, test pin 1 and 2 = ok

TV is Panasonic C150 chassis TC-69R62,
I don't have exact schematic, but do have something that might be close.

anyway, I did replace the S6307 with a S6709,

switch on, 100uF 25V near 7805 smoking.....

so voltage is briefly starting up, then stops,

something is cutting it off, don't know what ?

odd about schematic, IC803 - SE140,
on the board is S1854 a TO220 for IC803, can't find what a S1854 is,

on the board can't find a "Protector" Q805 which then leads to a SCR

Its a nice but obsolete TV, would luv to fix it from my parts bin.....for $0.

anyone have a proper schematic for it?
Panasonic C150 chassis TC-69R62


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