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Something went wrong on the car's electrical system. The van is a 1995 model and I do think its, electrical system wasn't replaced ever since. Cables crisp over time thus when heated (just like the DVD left running) will melt causing short circuit and fire.
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I feel that we must monitor the working of electronic equipments now and then. Otherwise these type of incidents might occur again.
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Proves you shouldn't leave today's crappy electronics unattended.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:17 am    Post subject: DVD player sparks car fire on way to school

(ELGIN) Flames sparked by a DVD player destroyed a van just after a man drove his granddaughter to school in it Thursday morning in northwest suburban Elgin.

Emergency officials were notified about 7:47 a.m. about a van on fire in the parking lot of St. John’s Lutheran School at 101 N. Spring St. in Elgin, according to Sue Olafson, spokeswoman for the Elgin Police and Fire departments.

The owner of the 1995 Ford Econoline van was driving his granddaughter to the school when he noticed something smoking in the vehicle as he approached, Olafson said. The grandfather usually pops in a movie during the ride, she said.

After pulling in to the parking lot and taking his granddaughter inside, he came back out to find the van engulfed in flames, Olafson said. Crews put out the fire within minutes, but it totaled the vehicle, leaving it a “shell,” she said.

Officials think the blaze started as a small electrical fire caused by the DVD player, Olafson said.

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