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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2005 1:36 pm    Post subject: Hitachi 50SBX No Power and causes light to go out

I have a 50SBX that stop'd working the other day and Daddy is not happy. I was told by my kids that the T.V. was not working, and what do ya know it would not power up. I checked the plug and the surge protector was not pop'd (as the speakers were still powered), so I re-set the plug. That did not work. I plug'd the A/C into the wall, and everything on that circt power'd down (lights, A/V equipment), but the breaker did not flip. When I un-plugged the T.V. everything came back on (OK the light, and the Tivo).

I took the back screen off and after testing back on another surge protector I see the 3 green lights come on, and then a fourth comes on before they all fade away.

Houston I think I have a problem, and do not want to get taken to the cleaners by a reapir shop.

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