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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:05 am    Post subject: bios password calculator

I work on a lot of computers. I use a cocktail of rkill (courtesy of bleeping Superantispyware and malwarebytes in safe mode. All are free versions. I'm stuck on a Acer, I got the spyware off, and it would not do windows updates. It had infected root kits so I ran tdsskiller and it now allowed me to do the updates. Windows Vista (I hate Vista) downloaded SP1. Checked and crap loads more updates after rebooting. The computer took the updates, rebooted and is now stuck on phase 3 of installing the updates. The computer starts the updates and reboots. I tried installing windows 7 but can't get into bios to have it boot off the cd/dvd. It's password protected. There's a site if you email them the error code after "guessing" 3 times and locking you out, will charge you $40 US to send you the password. Everyone wants money! Courtesy of Вячеслав Бачериков, and dogbert's work, they created a calculator not unlike the ones we use for radio codes. Go to
His blog was
I'm not a presence here like I use to be, but I still "check in." I thank all the mods who endlessly help the masses. I'm updating my profile with my new email address. If we save one person $40 mission accomplished! I'm thinking hundreds will be helped. As always please remember this is freeware. We do the best we can!

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