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Ive found the problem, a 150k resistor was of and caused the 100v to be low

thanks for all
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Happy new year to you too,
On an ancient unit like this(not that there is anything wrong with that),... number of possibilites; As far as out-of-tolerance resistors, that is surely expected due to age/heat. Are you sure that any of the mechanical switches are not causing the problem? Try cleaning them with any of the spray cleaners. Do you have a schematic? It may very well be in the base panel where I think the X & Y are getting combined? I have not looked at the schematic in depth.
There is a schematic posted on Your best bet is to at least get some voltage readings that may point you closer to the fault?
Also---turn down the brightness to prevent spot burnon CRT.
PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2013 5:05 pm    Post subject: telequipment D43 time base problem

Helo all

happy new year to you

I was working my year in on an telequipment D43 oscilloscope.
the problem is that i only have two dots on the screen. When I switch the device off, I get the lines as normal for a few seconds. Sommetimes it happens that the device works fine until switching off.

The power looks fine, so i think the problem is in the time base panel.
i can move the dots up and down and left to richt but no line on screen
i've already replaced several resistors who where of spec but nothing solved the problem untill now i've also replaced the valves .
it must be a resistor of cap on this panel, who can help


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