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philips 60 projection tv first lost sound then power

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2006 1:20 pm    Post subject: philips 60 projection tv first lost sound then power Reply with quote

I have a 60pw9383/17 the tv is 2004 I have a Service Contract that covers the picture tubes (not entire Tv) First we lost sound then about 2 weeks later it shut down while we were watching then when we tried turning it back on the red light came on it acted like it was turning on but it never does and the light fades out. I tried the unplug thing to reset it. I called philips they got a guy out here that replaced some things on it called Ic these are black things on the smal convergance board he says, tv turned on briefly with HORRIBLE picture and quickly shut down. now he says the whole board needs to be replaced because there is something that is making these parts go out. He also says once this is done there is no telling if its something eles because all the boards are intergrated (connected) to each other. You know this is Bull**** because that to me is not a proper diagnose more like playing pick a part WITH MY MONEY. Phillipsw paaid for this guy to come out and now with this half a** diagnose (which is not covered by them) I feel this is not right. Is there anything any of you can think of might be going on with this set. I can do some of the work myself. Or a place I can by my own parts and possible get a diagram of parts????? Please help or eles Ill throw the tv over a cliff and buy a SONY!
Thanks Guys!
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 5:12 pm    Post subject: I found out what it is Reply with quote

Ok the first guy whom was paid to come out and look at is was 100% wrong I finally got a place from sacramento 40 miles north to come down and pick the tv up and get it fixed they called me back to tell me that the problem was a HV GENERATOR (a.k.a. flyback generator) which is a high voltage generator Told me it would be about 400 bucks to fix I was a bit realived said OK lets do it Well a week goes by no phone call from them I called only to find out that THIS PART IS BACKORDERED philips says they are not expecting it until jan 22 2007!!!!! I most likely will not see my tv until Febuary I can not survive christmas and thanksgiving with out a living room TV..... We went out and bought the 73" mitsubishi WD-73727 dlp TV and purchased the damn 5 year warranty with 3 year warranty on the light bulb thingy. We are still going to get our not so old (1 year old)philips back when its fixed it still has the projection tube warranty on it. We will just put it in the family room for our sons video games and what not maybe ill sell it I dont know. BUT I WILL NEVER BUY LOW BUDGET BRANDS LIKE THIS AGIAN! Hope this helps someone eles.......
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2006 10:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Phillips=Crap. They've been having this problem for almost 3 years! Under their warrenty they tell you to replace the whole deflection board. Great, back ordered for 3 months! Customers love to here that! Your not alone.
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