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Rotel RA980BX distortion

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 12:08 am    Post subject: Rotel RA980BX distortion Reply with quote

At the moment Im unfortunately working without a circuit diagram, but I do have the benefit of one channel working and one not so I have some sort of reference. Can anyone give me any pointers based on experience with this (or other) amps please ?

My Rotel RA980BX Amp has started distorting on just one channel with moderate listening volumes. At lower volumes there is no distortion. As the volumes increase so does the distortion, almost as if the Amp is clipping or the tweeter is faulty (but dont let this subjective info bias you !).

I am currently not 100% on this, but I suspect this fault might be intermittent because I was able to play loud volumes without distortion yesterday but the fault has returned and seemed permanent previously. It could have been the music content, although I doubt it - as I say this one Im unsure of.

Anyway, the fault lies in the power amp, because swapping the preamp to power amp cables the fault remains in the left channel. The same is true of swapping the speakers with cables over, ie the fault remains in the left channel/speaker. Given that it isnt surprising that the fault remains regardless of input source. So I conclude its the left channel power amp stage.

Assuming I can find my way around the board, my first port of call would be to check the power rails (excepting I dont know what they shoule be), although Im unclear how one channel can be fine and one not in this scenario.

My next thought would be its a capacitor breaking down somewhere, which is going to be a little more tricky without a circuit diagram.

Im wondering if any experienced wizards read this board and can help me out with some tips and experience, likely suspects, or failing that perhaps where to look for the same ?

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