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Isolated DC-DC converter

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PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2007 2:58 pm    Post subject: Isolated DC-DC converter Reply with quote

Im in need of generating an 115 DC voltage from 230 AC main voltage. the current output is maximal 800mA. Im looking around the net for the most suitable topology for this type of conversion.

I have looked on the flyback topology and it looks promising, but am i on the wrong track with that one and is there a more suitable type of cuircut?

All sources discussing flyback converters that i have found on the net are working with much lower voltages and i dont know if it is possible to scale up that kind of cuircut.

Does anyone have links to more detailed sources on designing and dimensioning of a suitable kind of dc-dc converter for my application?
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PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2007 2:01 pm    Post subject: ac-dc Reply with quote

first i like to mention that im NOT any good at complex electronics,
and i would like the ones that KNOW to awnser rather then me.

i only GUES.

so you need about 115 V DC? What for?

i mean "normal" in that area of voltage would be AC (for example US-Power for end user electric stuff)

you can NOT convert Voltage DC to DC for powerelectric stuff,because transformers only work with ac! you need to convert for example AC 230v to AC 115V with a transformer that has half the windings of copper on one side than on the other, then convert
your ac 115V to dc 115V with minimum 1 diode (bad) better:
bridge converter (contains 4 diods, or just use 4 Diods), even better:
bridge converter plus condensor plus reels (flatens the dc better)
use an elctronic - switching - acdc adapter that gives a realy flat and stable DC Voltage, deppends on what you
want the power for?
im curios what you want to do?
besides of galvanic proccesses or something the like in chemistry i can not think of a use of 115v DC?
so tell me please, what IS your application?
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