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I have a problem with my onkyo dv-c601 changer

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 6:05 pm    Post subject: I have a problem with my onkyo dv-c601 changer Reply with quote

I have a problem with the changer reading Dvd's Cd's . I haved tried several different disc but have had no luck. The changers just reads that there is NO DISC. If anyone knows what the problem might be please Help Me. Thanks..........
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 8:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

the opu may need cleaning the disc cleaners that you can buy are not very good .but getting to he lazer can be an arkward job
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good luck from texas

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2006 12:24 pm    Post subject: Onkyo DV-C601 "no disc" problem Reply with quote

I copied this information from another website discussion board. I hope it helps.

I too had the "No Disk" problem and the steps outlined worked like a charm!! I do have one time-saving tip, however. Once you get to the step involving the removal of the disk platter, STOP!!! Do not remove the screw in the middle of the carousel!! Instead, slide the carousel out ("open") as far as it will go. Unplug the ribbon cable on the right side of the carousel. Then look down on the left-side rail - just past the carousel there is a small tab in the rail. Use a small screwdriver to push it down slightly to move the stop out of the way and just pull the carousel out the front. To replace the carousel afterward, just slide it back in from the front. You will hear a click as it runs over the stop. Otherwise, follow the previous directions and hopefully, your luck will be as good as mine in getting the thing to work again!!!

This is an update to an earlier comment on why this unit is breaking for everyone. I found an authorized repair facility that would talk to me. The existing ribbon cable for the laser assembly is the problem and the solution was to change the existing ribbon (about three inches) with a longer one (about 6 inches) the shop even sold me the cable that Onkyo sent out for the replacement part. Also the previous comment about the hot glue gun is also a good idea. Also if you want to read a burnt cd in this player your best bet is to get the fuji film 80min CDR''s. they read excelent in everything I have put them in, including this DVD player that says it doesn''t support CDR.

This has been a great DVD player for our family and until last night (prom night) it worked flawlessly. If it hadn''t been for this review site, I would have spent ??? dollars to fix the "no disc" error! Instead, I took the player apart, top & back off and then removed the larger circuit board on top by disconnecting the cables that would allow me to fold it over to the side. Then I gently tugged off the cables on the circuit board underneath the larger circuit board and plugged them back in (reset them?). About 30-60 minutes later, imagine my excitement at NOT having to take this in for repair! I wanted to thank all of you who took the time to write in about the problem so I could continue to use a product I have been satisfied with for 2+ years. Thanks again to those in the know for sharing. Good luck to everyone else who might need to deal with this eventually.

To fix the disc error, I used a technique that was often used in the PC manufacturing industry before most of the cables had locking clips. - GLUE GUN - If you are mechanically inclined or feeling good about taking something completely apart & putting it back together again, use a glue gun to secure the cables. Be sure & unplug the cable and plug it back in again. You won''t have the disc error again unless you drop kick it across the street. Its actually not too complicated to take apart and put back together again unless you have Alzheimer''s. It is very dissappointing that Onkyo has not addressed this issue. BUT, (and that''s a BIG BUTT) they have superior audio/video electronics. Everyone''s aloud to make a mistake every now & then. Its just when those mistakes start becoming more frequent, its time to switch manufacturers. This is a GREAT product with a small flaw.
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