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Philips 55pp9401 power on issue?

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 3:17 am    Post subject: Philips 55pp9401 power on issue? Reply with quote

I have philips 55pp9401 and it will not power on. when plugged into AC the RED light on front panel (power button) turns RED. when you push the power button, I can hear a very faint click but that is it. I removed the back panel and there is 1 RED LED on and 4 GREEN LEDs on.

Any suggestions? anyone have a schematic for this box?


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PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:20 am    Post subject: Symptoms have changed Reply with quote

I whacked relay on the power board and now the power on/off button makes the front panel RED Light go off and on along with other relays but no picture yet. Also 1 of the green LEDs on the center board is now off. When looking from the back it is the LED closest to the back that is off.
What does that indicate?

I still need to find schematics for this model?

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's a copy / paste reply to a previous post. Suck out any pertinent information you can use:

North American Philips (NAP) makes some of the world's worst crap, (Magnavox, Sylvania, Philips, Crosley). That's why my boss quit selling them. WAY too many problems and very complicated and unreliable power supply regulators. They also supplied Chrysler with the microprocessors for two radio models. They have a 100 percent failure rate. I have dozens of them here in the junk pile.

The only tv worse than a NAP product is an RCA / GE / Proscan. By far the cheapest tv to purchase, but the most expensive repair parts.

Sorry to say, but I would look at this as an opportunity to buy a new tv. I just bought four Sanyo flat screens. I like them very much because they have a 16 x 10 aspect ratio instead of the miserable, common 16 x 9. We hate moving our heads back and forth to see the entire picture! Put on over 400 miles looking for these at numerous Walmart stores because they are a discontinued model. The new model is that wide-screen misery.

Prices have come down a lot at Walmart. Much less expensive than at Best Buy. After you find one you like, find it on the internet first and read the reviews from other buyers. You'll see how many people have returned their RCAs and Philips for turning on and off by themselves. Some companies even want you to pack it up and send it back for warranty repairs now that they've put most of the independent repair shops out of business with their shady warranty payment policies.

I've heard Sony still makes good products but they're more expensive. Toshiba used to be good, and a lot of people have told me Visio is pretty good, and they're made in the U.S. (or so I'm told). I used to work on Goldstars too but I haven't seen them around anymore. They were very easy to diagnose, had simple, effective, reliable circuits, replacement parts were very inexpensive, and they were one of the few companies that ALWAYS paid the warranty claims.

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