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pdp5060hd pioneer plazma question

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:16 pm    Post subject: pdp5060hd pioneer plazma question Reply with quote

My Plazma is just about 3 years old... and now will not power on without immediatly powering off. once it powers off i get 10 blinking lights on the set. this TV came with a seperate reciever but no blinking lights on the reciever only the TV. Pioneer says that 10 blinking light is a code for "dc to dc proble" (very very vague). Also since its three years old it unfortunatly is out of warrantee. its a high end TV so i spent thousands. i'm so pissed that Pioneer wont do anything to fix it and we've always heard of the saying you get what you paid for, right? well, I paid about 4x more for this TV than its leading competitor at the time of purchase and i got less years out of it than other less expensive units but thats discussion for another post I guess.

Anyway, I brought the TV in to a local TV repair place which told me that i need two parts "replaced"... they don't repair anything.

the two parts needed were:
1. the power supply board mo# axy1129
2. the HD digital assembly mo# aww1028

However, I thought they will fix the parts but they only replace the parts and install them into the TV. i than called Pioneer and found that the parts that they send out to this tech and all techs is referbished boards or ones already fixed not new. in fact, i could purchase the boards myself from them and the replacement of those boards look very easy to do. However, my main problem is I do not want to buy boards from pioneer a company that does not take care of thier customer base when it is thier customer that spends top dollar on what they think is a better product. Furthermore, Pioneer charges an additional $75 when you order the part from them but they give that back to you when you return ship your broken part as an incentive to get back brocken parts which they fix and resell as referbished.

So here's my questions:

1. first is it actually worth repairing a three year old TV or throw it out and buy a new one?

2. is there anyone who will buy back a TV whith known problems?

3. *** Does anyone actually fix these boards mentioned above rather than just replace them and call it a fix? If so, could you offer a recommendation for the tech. in my area? i live 1/2 hour north of New York City. so someone close to me would be preferable. i would be willing to send it out to a knowlegeble tech. and pay a fair price to get it fixed so if there is anyone that knows who does this please please please let me know.

4. assuming they can be fixed are parts for these boards even still available anymore?

5. perhaps there is someone out there that has a broken TV of the same model number that maybe has a broken screen or something and i can buy it from them for parts? please let me know.

6. Does anyone know if Pioneer is going out of buisness? perhaps this is why they won't take care of thier customers anymore.

Any further info or advice on this would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. thanks in advance for all of your help and insight.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

no responce???
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