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Toshiba projection Model TZ55V61

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:01 pm    Post subject: Toshiba projection Model TZ55V61 Reply with quote

Hey guys im new here and pretty much new to TV repair i have changed convergence chips and resolder stuff but need some help now for sure as i cant find my problem, I have started this thread in a couple places not nearly as big as this forum and got some help but havnt got the problem solved , so here goes ,

I have a Toshiba Tz55v61 that i know is old but i cant find anything i like better even now so here is its issue's A friend give it to me some time back it had what i thought to be a convergence problem because of the screen slightly squeezing together at the bottom ,

It would also take spells of turning itself off and wouldnt come back on unless i unplugged it and replugged it , at that time i didnt have time to fix it so i took it to a local guy and he corrected the issue's Said it was just bad connection's at that time.

More recently we got hit with a bad snow storm and lost power for several days and when power came back on the unit had a definite convergence problem had left side of screen would be double vision and wouldnt adjust in the convergence menu.

So i ordered two new chips off ebay (STK392-110) and put them in myself which was really no problem at all and cleared up the convergence problem right away , BUT i have an issue that the unit is turning itself off again i have unsoldered and resoldered the chips three times now thinking it was a mistake i made but I made sure i done everything right the first time,

on this unit you can turn it upside down and get to the solder points in the IC chips and i have done that aswell looked for issue's and cant find any , OOh by the way i used arctic silver on the back of the chips to make good contact with the heat sinks , Is it possible i got a bad chip

I know this is an older unit but want to keep it as i cant find anything i like better .

Oooh by the way i forgot to mention that i can unplug the 36V/Gnd/+18v/-18v black connector from power supply and the Tv will power on and stay on aslong as you want to watch it no turning itself off but as you all know the convergence is gone way out of whack then ,[img][/img][/url]
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

here is a little of what i found since then also sorry for the first post showing as guest i forgot to log in,

(This was some help i recieved)

The condition of solder LOOKS good but it is bad. This little jumper wire is around one of inductor coil (looks like a can) near a edge. That's left of the convergence ampifiers.

For this reason I *resolder* whole signal board and easier for me to instruct that to anyone. The pair of fuses is brown square cross section type and are near edge up front hidden from view because of capacitor forest on the deflection/power supply board. That is why I wanted you to pull BOTH boards out and on the bench under good light.
My reply,,

Thanks wizard will be working on that tomorrow nite but i did find that on the bottom of the board on the convergence chip the fifth prong over goes to the 30v connection on the board i noticed when TV cuts off i can remove the power cord from the outlet and it has a power buildup kinda like a capacitor (if) you bleed that power off you can reconnect power and it will come straight back on and work for a few minutes ,

I need to find why this is doing that because that is most likely what caused the convergence chip to go bad in the beginning. the prong i am refering to if you held the chip in your hand with black part of it faceing you and prongs pointed down would be the fifth prong from the left.is there a resistor supposed to cut that voltage down or bleed it off in some way? and if so do you know what one it is , I assume it is between the 30v plug and the Convergence chip.

I have since resoldered pretty much everything on that board and will try to get a couple pics up if someone could point out to me the part he is talking about i would be greatfull.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey guys wanted to take a second to thank everyone that helped with my TV i have it fixed now it was a bad Vertical IC chip sent to me from the dealer,
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