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hitachi 60fx32b / minnie

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 9:11 pm    Post subject: hitachi 60fx32b / minnie Reply with quote

I sent an e-mail to Minnie,
I have a Hitachi set 60fx32b that's now dead with protect led lit. I am contemplating repairing or replacing.

I read the articles that state about the cap and fuse as the most likely case but here is my dilemma.

We bought the set used about a year ago, and it had a horrible picture. washed out blurry. I have a 50" ultra-vision with magic focus and it has a great picture. so I figured that I would buy it and just adjust it up and wola. Wrong, The 60" doesn't have a magic focus and after adjusting the focus screws under front cover I only got a so-so picture.

Then I took the screen off and cleaned the nasty cigarette residue off the lenses and the screen. The picture was a lot better, about 75%.

then I went in to the convergence adjustment screen to adjust it manually. And here is where I found a problem that I can't get answered now for about a year, and is the reason why I am reluctant to invest in a repair. Maybe You can help

The problem is that when I had the cross hatch up for the different colors the green was clear (focused) in the center but the grid got fuzzy the further you get out from the center. The red was fairly good and the last color was sharp.

I never could get an explanation on this but I have an older repair book on regular tvs and it leads me to believe that the fly-back could cause this. I didn't think that this could be the problem because the fly back ran all 3 guns. Can only part of the fly back change voltage?

Anyhow input on this would be appreciated

I have a basic electronics degree but little in crt/ tv stuff. + I have not worked in that field in almost 18 years.

I got an e-mail back and decided to post this here.

The response was to replace the cap and fuse then the focus block

I looked for the cap and fuse and could not find them. I then looked at some pictures that another user posted and still could not find them.
I down loaded the repair manual and the c707 and e994 are not in the parts list. I guess because my set is a different model.
What happens is the set clicks on, all 5 green LEDs light, then d953 and d954 turn off instantly while protection LED comes on. The other 3 LEDs then dim out slowly. Im guessing I have a short in the convergence or vertical circuit?
Thanks for the help
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A few things to check. Check D936. Check F903. If you have the schematics check all the pico fuses off the transformer to see if any are open. I had a Hitachi kick my ass it was dead. Vertical IC was bad. Do some standard checks and post back.
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